ASO Serenade Series

The Allentown Symphony is bringing live music to the neighborhoods of music lovers with a new Serenade Series. These private concerts will be performed by the Lehigh Valley's finest musicians, al fresco, in backyards, driveways, cul-de-sacs and neighborhood get-together spots. Don't worry about dressing up, parking or getting downtown...the Allentown Symphony is coming to you!

Symphony Serenades are exclusive 30-minute concerts each performed by two or three musicians of the Allentown Symphony. Patrons have the flexibility of coordinating their guest lists with the ASO providing an unforgettable afternoon or evening concert of outdoor music for a fee of only $400. This amount is considered a charitable contribution. With five remarkable ensembles available, Serenade concerts will delight groups with eclectic performances and the magic that only live performance brings. Reservations are limited and CDC guidelines will be strictly adhered to.

For more information on booking Symphony Serenade performances email Donna Fritchey at

Companies interested in sponsoring this program should contact Lucy Bloise at


Flute and Harp Spring Fling!
Flowers are blooming and Spring is in the air…what more is needed? How about the melodies of the season performed live in your neighborhood? Performed elegantly on harp and flute featuring Principal Flute Robin Kani and Principal Harp Frances Duffy.

Allentown Symphony Flute, Viola and Cello Trio
This lovely Serenade concert of chamber music featuring flute, viola, and cello sets a one-of-a-kind neighborhood stage for live classical music. These concerts will be performed by Allison Kiger, flute, Tallie Brunfelt violin/viola, and Jameson Platte, cello. Program includes Haydn, Telemann, and Villa-Lobos.

Classical to Jazz Connections, Allentown Symphony Trombone Trio
No, not Seventy-Six…but we do have…Three Trombones! This Serenade features Gilles Bernard, Nicholas Martin, and Rob Fournier – aka the Allentown Symphony Trombone section! The Serenade bridges music past to present, early to modern, classical to jazz, and beyond. The concert features music by Bach, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and more. 

Chris and Nate: Double Bass
They might do some of the heaviest lifting in the orchestra (pound for pound) but these guys will spread their wings for an unbelievable Serenade performance – twice the bass…twice the musical fun! Performed by Allentown Symphony bass players Chris Johnson and Nate Chase this conversational Serenade is built around the longstanding friendship, both personal and musical, of these remarkable musicians. The Serenade program includes a variety of musical styles and characters, aiming to entertain and to move.

Classical Serenade
Allentown Symphony members Julie Bougher, violin, Steve Heitlinger, viola, and Audrey Simons, cello, join together to bring you favorite string trios of the classical repertoire by Beethoven and Haydn. This String Serenade will be the perfect complement for neighborhood gatherings, bringing live classical music to the Lehigh Valley.

The Allentown Symphony is grateful to individual underwriters for helping to fund the Serenade Series in order to lower the cost to the community.