Allentown Symphony Chorus

Allentown Symphony Chorus Sponsor:
in memory of Roberta Raker Hudders & William Strauss Hudders

The Allentown Symphony Chorus is a professional level chorus that will be featured at least once a year with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra. This chorus is designed to not compete with other Lehigh Valley choruses, and will only rehearse eight weeks prior to this year’s featured concert. The Allentown Symphony Chorus will be comprised of approximately 50 voices. There will be special auditions for paid Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders. There will also be auditions for positions in a Scholarship Quartet, which will be open to local college students upon teacher recommendation.

The Chorus will sing with the Allentown Band on their Veteran’s Day Concert, November 17, 2024 and  in the spring concerts on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9, 2025 with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra performing Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem.

Eduardo Azzati,
Chorus Master




Section Leader (Honorarium) 

  • Outstanding singer/musician with ensemble experience 
  • Outstanding sound and intonation 
  • Ability to blend 
  • Outstanding sight-singing skills 
  • Foreign language singing skills (Latin, Italian, German, French) 
  • Ability to run sectionals 


Assistant Section Leader (Honorarium) 

  • Outstanding singer/musician with ensemble experience 
  • Outstanding sound and intonation 
  • Ability to blend 
  • Outstanding sight-singing skills 
  • Foreign language singing skills (Latin, Italian, German, French) 
  • Responsible for section attendance and communications (rehearsal notes, etc) 


Scholarship Quartet (Honorarium/Scholarship) 

  • Outstanding college music major (voice major) with ensemble experience 
  • Committed ensemble member with great work ethics (letter of recommendation required) 
  • Excellent sound and intonation 
  • Excellent music reading skills 
  • Responsible for room set-up/break-down 


Chorister (volunteer) 

  • Experienced choral singer 
  • Trained-quality voice/sound 
  • Very good intonation + ability to blend 
  • Very good rhythm 
  • Very good reading skills 
  • Ability to fully commit to schedule 

Note: Volunteer choristers need to re-audition after every 3 active seasons

Mandatory excerpts from upcoming work (see Chorus Auditions page)

*Those auditioning for Section Leader, Assistant Section Leader or Scholarship Quartet will most likely have additional requirements 

*Concerts and all rehearsals will be held in Miller Symphony Hall, 23 North 6th Street, Allentown, PA unless otherwise noted. 

Rehearsal Schedule for the 24/25 Season: 

FALL REHEARSALS for Allentown Band Veteran’s Day Concert
Thursday,  November 7, 2024   7:00-9:30pm MSH (Rodale Room)
Monday, November 11, 2024    7:30-9:30pm MSH (call to Rodale Room moving to Stage)
Saturday, November 16, 2024 10:00-noon MSH (Stage)
Sunday, November 17, 2024   3:00pm  Allentown Band Concert (Stage)  call 2:00pm (Rodale Room)
*Any NEW singers who are accepted after the October audition date are eligible to sing at this concert.*

SPRING REHEARSALS for Allentown Symphony Orchestra Classic #5
Thursday, January 16, 2025      7:00-9:30pm (Rodale Room)
Thursday, January 23, 2025      7:00-9:30pm (Rodale Room) 
Thursday, January 30, 2025      7:00-9:30pm (Rodale Room) 
Thursday, February 6, 2025       7:00-9:30pm (Rodale Room)
Thursday, February 13, 2025       7:00-9:30pm (Rodale Room)
Thursday, February 20, 2025       7:00-9:30pm (Rodale Room)
Thursday, February 27, 2025       7:00-9:30pm (Rodale Room)
Monday, March 3, 2025       7:00-9:30pm (pn stage w/ DW)
Thursday, March 6, 2025       7:00-10:30pm (call 6:30 Rodale Room)
(Rehearsal on stage with orchestra)
Friday, March 7, 2025 7:00-10:00pm (call 6:30 Rodale Room)
(Dress Rehearsal on stage with orchestra)
Saturday, March 8, 2025 7:30pm concert (report to Rodale Room at 6:30pm)
Sunday, March 9, 2025 2:00pm concert (report to Rodale Room at 1:30 pm)


Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is the responsibility of each member of the Allentown Symphony Chorus.  If, for some personal or professional reason, you must miss a rehearsal, you must notify the Chorus Director, in writing, at least two weeks in advance.  No more than one absence per year/concert cycle will be permitted.  No absences are permitted during the week of the concert performances with the Orchestra. 


Each person will be responsible for providing their own music and black folder.


Black tuxedo with white shirt and bow tie for men 
Long black dress or black pants and blouse with ¾ or full-length sleeves for women
Black shoes and socks/stockings for both men & women