Watch Out for Ticket Brokers or Scalpers!

Date: Jan 04, 2019

Tickets to all performances at MIller Symphony Hall are available exclusively from the theatre’s own box office and web site, which operates in conjunction with our online ticketing vendor, SalesForce. If you purchase tickets from a ticket broker, you are paying a much higher price than you need to. Ticket brokers may make it appear that they have “special access” to the best seats, but all they do is purchase tickets from our box office and resell them to you at a markup. Even when a ticket broker is operating within the law, you still pay much more than you need to, not one cent of the markup goes to the artist or the theatre, and if there is anything wrong with your order, the theatre cannot help you because you did not purchase the tickets from the theatre. Call the Miller Symphony Hall box office at 610-432-6715.