Rodale Community Room

IT'S THE Windows

...that first draw your attention - when viewed from outside historic Miller Symphony Hall, or inside - when you enter the Rodale Community Room.  They are the breathtaking elements that distinguish this setting from any other public event space in the region.

The windowed walls of the top-floor, Rodale Community Room give added dimension to your event.  The natural light they provide energizes meetings and enhances the spirit of special celebrations, bringing a breath of fresh air to any occasion.

And, in the evening, these same high-arched Palladian windows from the darkened sky, revealing nearby city lights and presenting a dramatic backdrop to your special program or celebration.

The extra-high ceilings that accommodate them add a spacious feeling to the atmosphere while the architecture suggests a comfortable ambiance.  The room's neutral colors showcase event decór, provide a professional backdrop for important business and enable a seamless transition from formal to informal occasions.

Night-or-day the windows of the Rodale Community room open up a panorama of possibilities for successful event planning.

Hoping to differentiate your event?
The windows will make the difference!

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Please contact our Events Manager, Colleen Wilt at 610-432-6715 x112 or to set up an appointment.